Playing in the Geodesic Flow of Polygons
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Screenshot of a PolygonTrix game in progress

What is PolygonTrix?

PolygonTrix is a Math Art Game, a digital arcade of angles and energy that lets you explore the Space-Time dynamics hidden in polygons!

Buyer Beware — These screenshots may LOOK like a pool ball physics game, but PolygonTrix is NOT a shooting game, it's an amusing geometric puzzler with a particle physics twist.

Each turn, a charged particle is placed in the polygon. Your challenge is to find a path that reaches the target vertex after the particle discharges its energy by deflecting off the sides of the polygon.

You have precise control over direction of the particle. You can move the particle around if you think that will help. A World Line lets you see into the future — will the particle find the target vertex or just dead-end on some side?

When a Target is converted to a Black Hole, a geometric pattern is made by extending the World Line through 512 deflections. This geodesic flux is unaffected by any black holes that may have been formed in the polygon. See the Flux Gallery.

PolygonTrix has seven regular polygons, from the triangle up to the nonagon. The screen shot above shows a particle being played on energy level 11 of the triangle. The path is very nearly lined up — just a tweak of a few degree-minutes will convert the target into a black hole. Or, the particle could instead be moved to the left (or should it be to the right?) to line up the conversion. Try it and see!

Each polygon presents a unique space-time challenge. You can just be a "Banger" and toy around, or you can use your wits to become a PolygonTrix Master.

Example of a flux that appears after a target is converted to a black hole.

PolygonTrix dynamically combines Geometry, Art, Technology, and Fun!

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